Software based - Products/Solutions Our small to medium size business software based solutions offer great reliability and affordability, while at the same providing comprehensive feature sets.

WDAD - Windows Desktop Auto Dialer /Contact Tool


WDA - MDLsolutions Windows Desktop Auto Dialer/Contact Tool is a simple and easy to use personal/small business Auto Dialer/Contact Tool. It installs, configures in minutes and provides the user with a useful basic auto dialer, data management feature set and additional client contact tools.
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MDLsolutions 3CX IP PBX Commercial Automated Dialer/Predictive Dialer - Call Center Solution. Cloud or Premise Based.


MDLsolutions 3CX IP PBX Dialer/Predictive Dialer - Call Center Solution is a proven Windows based comprehensive, dynamic and easy to install/configure SIP/VoIP commercial dialer/call center solution that is low cost yet extremely reliable for small to large scale call centers, or act as a standalone automated dialer.
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3CX Data Analyzer

3CX Data Analyzer allows users to view all the data in the 3CX database and retrieve configuration and performance information. It also allows users to export (manually or scheduled) data from the 3CX database that is important to them. Lastly the Data Analyzer will provide the users with performance graphs/analytics to help the user better understand how his/her 3CX phone system is performing.
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QVT - Quick VoIP Tester and Call Generator/Terminator


QVT - Quick VoIP Tester and Call Generator/Terminator has been designed so that users can quickly and easily test their VoIP environment/network/device/software without the complexity of scripts and complex analytics, and at the same time being moderately comprehensive. read more



Partner Solutions 

Driven by a passion to make things simple VoipSec has designed EasySBC as its first security platform feature, enabling customers to take the first step towards a fully comprehensive VoIP security solution.

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Custom Development 

Software based (HMP) - Products/Solutions Software based solutions dramatically cut the costs previously associated with hardware based solutions, while still offering reasonable scalability. If you are looking for very cost effective SIP/VoIP solutions, you cannot beat today's Linux based development libraries that take advantage of a reliable/free operating system, and free SIP/VoIP development libraries. If Windows is your preference, no problem, we can supply you with a reliable turn key solution that runs 24/7. 

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Additional Products and Services 
MDLsolutions has forged many partnerships and relationships that allow us to provide complete solutions to our clients.







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